The advantages of taking ARTS 1110

In this course you will:

  • Become familiar with the university lecture
  • Focus on the principles of learning and memory, critical thinking, and academic writing
  • Participate in small seminars where you practice writing papers in a supportive environment
  • Explore the ideas that excite you
  • Work with faculty who are committed to your success

Register for ARTS 1110 – Fall and Winter terms

To take ARTS 1110 Introduction to University in the Fall or Winter term, follow the regular Aurora Student registration process.

Register for ARTS 1110 – Summer University Advantage

If you are starting university in the Fall Term, you can choose to take ARTS 1110 in Summer Session and get a jump on your school year.

We call this “Summer University Advantage” because you can take the course, explore campus and connect with other students in a more relaxed environment before Fall Term begins.

ARTS 1110 permission form

Most students are eligible to take ARTS 1110 without permission; however, you need permission to take the course if it is already full on Aurora or if your course load is more than 60 credit hours.

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