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The Marketing Department fosters an active and collaborative learning and research environment, providing undergraduate and graduate students a competitive advantage through innovative course options.

  • The Marketing Department is comprised of an engaged group of scholars, mindful of their role in disseminating knowledge in traditional and non-traditional formats. Their work has been featured in leading journals such as the Journal of MarketingMarketing Science, Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Consumer Psychology, and Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes and print media, radio and television.


  • Meet the faculty, staff, and graduate students within the Asper School of Business Marketing Department.


The Asper School of Business offers undergraduate and graduate programs, along with executive education courses for marketing-focused individuals.


Community outreach

Faculty outreach

Many of our faculty members sit on various boards in a volunteer capacity. For example, Dr. Namita Bhatnagar is the Marketing expert for the board of the Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc., which provides cutting-edge immigration and settlement services that are designed to fully acclimate immigrants within Manitoba into the broader Canadian society. Other faculty members are involved in the Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Centre in different roles.

In addition to this, our faculty members also serve as consultants and share their expertise on various marketing issues. Dr. Raj Manchanda is a consultant on social marketing and sustainability issues with interest groups from various sectors. He has most recently worked with the Aboriginal Inland Habitat Program Group (Fisheries) and the Rural Development Institute (Cattle Production and Livestock Management)

Student Outreach

Many professors in the marketing department assign students to provide consulting work for various organizations. These consulting projects represent an outstanding real-life experience for the students while also providing valuable pro-bono support for the businesses.

In the MBA program, students in MKT 6080 have created marketing plans and conducted marketing research for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter and Imagineability.

At the undergraduate level, there are a number of classes that feature consulting projects. One example is MKT 3220 (Marketing Research). Students in this class gain firsthand experience while collecting data and preparing a report of their findings to the client.

Students have collected data for the Manitoba Opera, Momentum Dietary Solutions, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra, Cosmo’s Restaurant, Seven Oaks General Hospital, Seven Oaks Foundation, the Manitoba Legislative Assembly Gift Shop and WAVE Artists—to name just a few.

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